5 Strange Phenomena in the Sky

number five

source : https://wildfiretoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/TimbarraFireEastGippsland_TRFMcrew.jpg

pyrocumulus cloud pyrocumulus clouds which are often also called fire clouds or Flemish Anytus are ones that often form near volcanic eruptions or widespread fires the air at the surface becomes incredibly hot so begins to rise and eventually settles at a point of stability in the atmosphere which is usually where there’s a dense region of moisture this then condenses to create a huge cloud formation one that’s associated with extreme turbulence and on occasions the production of dry lightning the presence of ash from the preceding fire means that the clouds are usually gray in color and are able to trigger thunderstorms which can either be a blessing or a curse the rain can help to extinguish the fire that’s caused it but if there’s enough lightning there’s a chance that further fires can be started if it happens to strike a region of dry vegetation

number four

Morning Glory clouds so called Morning Glory clouds are a rare phenomenon or a band of long roll clouds sometimes more than six hundred miles long and more than a mile high form relatively close to the ground there may be one of the clouds on its own or as many as 10 alongside each other and when they form there’s usually unpredictable surrounding winds that make them extremely popular for glider pilots the clouds can travel at up to 65 feet a second and form new growth on the crest while dissipating at the rear there are very few places in the world where they occur there’s only one location where they are foreseeable and often develop the southern region of the Gulf of Carpentaria on the northern coast of Australia here because of the unique geography of the land and sea a few form every year and have been documented ever since 1942 due to their rarity their formation isn’t fully understood despite several research projects but it’s believed to be related to a very precise balance of wind direction moisture and atmospheric pressure similar formations are occasionally seen in the US Europe and Russia but in no way is predictable a fashion as in Australia

number three

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crown flash a crown flash is an incredibly rare phenomenon that looks like a powerful searchlight moving around in the sky there’s someone usual that they’re often interpreted as being mystical and those who see them tend to report a spiritual experience commonality between all sightings is that there’s a brightened crown of a cloud followed by an Aurora like streamer that bursts out towards the sky but the rate at which the direction of the light beams move is almost unbelievable as they’re very uncommon there’s little research into their formation the researchers believe they understand in theory the causes it’s all to do with the arrangement of ice crystals within cumulonimbus clouds they’re surrounded by powerful electromagnetic effects and orient the crystals in the same direction and when sunlight shines into them its refracted away and appears like a beaming light for some reason however the direction of the electromagnetic field can rapidly change likely due to discharges like lightning flashes within the cloud this causes the ice crystals to instantly move into an alternative orientation this changes the direction at the beam of light is shining and a fraction of a second and can result in the light seeming to dance across the sky in a mechanical way to see one you have to be at precisely the right position to see the refraction of the light because the beam isn’t being generated from within the cloud which means that if you’re ever lucky enough to witness a crown flash you should stay and watch the show because very few others have ever been able to

number two

lenticular clouds a lenticular cloud is a large type of stationary cloud that form at altitudes of up to 40,000 feet and take on a peculiar saucer shape form or formed when wind blowing across the land encounters large obstacles and the results can be spectacular mountains volcanoes and even large buildings will severely disrupt the way that wind can flow through a region and produces Eddie’s in a similar way to what happens to water in a river when this happens and if the warmer air that contains water droplets flows over the Eddy the moisture can begin to condense and start to form a cloud the circular nature of an eddy is why lenticular clouds take on such as smooth lens like shape and what lows that live in mountainous regions may be quite used to seeing them people who live in flat terrain won’t have seen anything like it it’s because of this that lenticular clouds especially when they form in places where they’re less common are linked with an increased number of UFO sightings when people become convinced that such a perfect shape can only be the result of an intelligent design and not simply a weather formation the winds within them can be extremely turbulent too which means that pilots of power aircraft will actively avoid them a glider pilots see them as some of the most enjoyable weather systems it’s possible to fly into with such huge uplift of win at the leading edge of a lenticular cloud it’s possible to reach great heights in a matter of seconds and has resulted in the gliding records for distance and for height both being set thanks to one

number one

Aurora the most famous atmospheric phenomenon in the world is the aurora borealis an effect that occurs close to the Earth’s North Pole where charged particles are ionized and released photons that produce spectacular displays of light in the sky they’re also seen in the Antarctic to where they’re called the Aurora Australis and these light shows are just as incredible if not a little more difficult to travel to see the visibility of the aurora are surprisingly predictable and their appearance can be charted on maps in the same way as the weather is typically they’re only visible between 10 and 20 degrees from each pole and are clearest on a dark night in the region where you can see them at any given time is known as the Aurora oval because this is an effect that’s linked to the magnetism of the earth however it is possible to see them much further beyond the usual area when there’s a geomagnetic storm they’re also not just limited to the earth and are seen throughout the solar system particularly on Venus Mars Saturn and Jupiter