7 Best DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas During Quarantine

7 Best DIY Father's Day

Just because we are in lockdown amidst the COVID-19 outbreak,
does not mean we can not do something special for our fathers.
We can still do something to make the day special for our fathers.
Let me give a few ideas.

1- Be creative! While your father is sleeping, in the morning make tea or coffee along with biscuits.
Take these to him when he wakes up and wish him Happy Father’s Day.

2- Prepare your father’s favourite breakfast in advance.
When he wakes up give him breakfast in bed and wish him!

3- Cook your father’s favourite dish for lunch/dinner.
Do not let him work let him rest. Once the food is ready, he will be very happy.

4- If you are good in art, make him a hand made greeting card,
you can prepare a collage of all your childhood images this will bring back memories
or you could even write a poem about your feeling for him
and he will be very touched.
You could even write a simple letter about your feelings
you could even record a video of yourself expressing your love for your father.
Be creative and do something special make him feel loved.

5- On Father’s Day get the family together and play games.
There are many fun games such as Carom, UNO, Ludo or any other game and celebrate Father’s Day.

6- Your father may have a favourite movie that he used to watch when he was young and Find the movie and watch it with your father. He will be very happy to watch with you.
And don’t forget the popcorn!

7- Help in some work that your father does.
Aren’t these ideas creative! Try to do something that would make your father happy.

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