Origins of Father’s Day

Today 21st June 2020, is celebrated as Father’s Day!
Across the world fathers work hard and shoulder the responsibility of the family.

Today we celebrate the contribution of our fathers to our lives.
It is always celebrated on the third Sunday of June.
But do you know how we started celebrating Father’s Day?
Let me tell you.

The original Father’s Day was founded by Sonora Dodd
in Spokane, Washington State
Father’s Day was founded on 19th June 1910.
Sonora and her five siblings were raised by their single-parent father.

Once Sonora went to the Spokane church.
She was listening to a pastor give a sermon on Mother’s Day.
She realised celebrating Mother’s Day is important because of all the work a mother does.

However Father’s Day is equally important.
However even fathers work, take care of family expenses, play with children and secure their future.
Hence Father’s Day must be celebrated.
This inspired her to celebrate Father’s Day on her father’s birthday on 5th June.

But the Spokane Church decided to celebrate it on the 3rd Sunday of June
so that they had enough time between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to plan activities in the church.
Since 1910 it has been celebrated but it was not very popular.
In 1972 US President Richard Nixon
signed it into law that the 3rd Sunday would be celebrated as Father’s Day.

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