Difference between 1080p and 1080i

At the present time technology is developing rapidly and because of that there has been a remarkable development in the technology of televisions. In the beginning, ordinary TVs and then high-quality TVs known as HDTVs appeared, so we will in this article show you the difference between HDTV and 1080p?
TVs with HD broadcasts are of 1080i and 720p types as these two types use a 1280 * 720 width or create an image of 720 pixels in length and 1280 pixels wide, and this actually indicates progressive scanning and this means that the image is drawn from top to bottom in a path One and then it is scanned or updated 60 frame per second.

What is 1080p?
It is known as FULL HD and its meaning is full definition quality and it is characterized by basic accuracy as it consists of 1080 vertical lines and 1080p designed on a technology called Progressive Scan , where it transfers the image lines such as one whole piece that is not divided, which is currently used in the production HD movies and games on DVD and Blu-ray.
What is 1080i?
You should note the presence of the letter i and this symbolizes Intelace, that is, it relies on Intelace Scan technology, progressive scanning, and it transfers the image by dividing it into lines across from top to bottom, from the far right to the far left, and then it is scanned or updated about 30 frame Per second.
What is the difference between 1080p and 1080i?
1080i TV relies on Intelace Scan technology and it displays half of the image and the second half in the next image, which is at 30 times per second, while 1080p TVs rely on Progressive Scan technology, where it displays a full picture at 60 frame per second.
Quick scenes do not work well on 1080i TV, you will see some vibrations, while scenes that display well on 1080p TV will appear in the picture without any vibrations.
You will notice this difference in the following two pictures below

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