Microsoft Replacing Employees With | AI Technology 2020

Microsoft is exchange employees with AI technology. Last week Microsoft declared that they are progressing to terminate variety of their employees and can use engineering technology in their place. One month notice is given to the thirty journalists operative for Microsoft site. It’s said to them that they are progressing to not analysis, edit and publish like they accustomed to do. rather than them, computers with engineering technology area unit used which will analyze, edit and may publish the news on the online website. If you retain in mind, I told you before that assets of this world unit planning to create people empty their jobs and to administer their jobs to engineering. So that they can fulfill trans humanist agenda. As a result of step by step they are going to make such robots which can be able to do all styles of work. Since robots neither fall unwell, nor they demand earnings or fireplace breaks. So all business will step by step kick out humans and replace them with robots. Its Already happening in some branches of McDonald’s, where exclusively robots work. , so I say, either offer your children education in AI or permit them to try to do business as a result of as a result of the elites of this world are not the smallest amount bit operative for the betterment of humanity indeed they need to destroy man at any value. however, that time is not far-flung. Once the king of justice area unit came. At that time these elites’ area unit concealment themselves, but they’ll not notice anyplace to hide. as a result He will come to his full glory. Then administrative unit will stand against him? Little question this all ought to happen and God’s words ought to get to be established. As Apostle helped sensational Son, Word said regarding him “it would area unit higher for that man, if he had not been born.” A bit like this, God’s organize ought to get to be completed but however compassionate those that unit leading this world towards the highest. No doubt, He was, he is, and he area unit returning. He is our first, and so the last hope. Could his kingdom came presently.